April 29 (FRI) ~ May 8 (SUN), 2022 at atmos Propeller Street Harajuku Store!

The theme of this POPUP is "SUPPLIER MUSEUM," a street museum filled with the world of SUPPLIER in a new form of expression that fuses the digital and real worlds.
We will also preview a portion of the SUPPLIER 2050 collection, which will incorporate trends that will be in place for the next 30 years.

POPUP limited edition GOODS!

This time's POPUP will feature a number of limited-edition items based on the theme color "blue.
*The images are part of the limited products.

SUPPLIER Original BIG Gacha!

SUPPLIER's original BIG GACHA will be available only for visitors!
Please get SUPPLIER coins at the store and try the gacha.
As prizes, we have prepared gorgeous gifts such as limited edition POPUP items and a limited edition box filled with this season's collection!